Apple iPhone, iPad, Macbook repair in Moscow

from 990 RUR30 min.

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    Appleman (м. Трубная)
    +7 (495) 540-52-71
    Будни: с 10:00 до 20:00, Выходные: с 11:00 до 19:00
    ул. Садовая-Сухаревская, д. 2/34 (Вход со стороны Садового кольца справа от аптеки, 3-й этаж)
    Apple4you (м. Спортивная)
    +7 (495) 540-52-71
    Будни: с 11:00 до 19:00
    ул. Малая Пироговская, д. 25
    Appleman (м. Лубянка)
    +7 (495) 540-52-71
    Будни: с 10:00 до 20:00
    ул. Мясницкая, 22, подъезд 1А, 5 этаж (на лифте), офис 6.
    Честный Сервис (м. Таганская)
    +7 (495) 540-52-71
    Честный Сервис на Таганской
    ул. Земляной Вал, д. 64, стр. 2, офис 718. Вход со двора.
    При себе необходимо иметь документ удостоверяющий личность.Будни: с 10:00 до 20:00, Выходные: не работает
    Честный Сервис (м. Цветной бульвар)
    +7 (495) 540-52-71
    Будни: с 10:00 до 20:00, Выходные: с 11:00 до 19:00
    ул. Садовая-Сухаревская, д. 2/34 (Вход со стороны Садового кольца справа от аптеки, 3-й этаж).
    Appleman (Чистые Пруды)
    +7 (495) 540-52-71
    Appleman на Чистых Прудах
    ул. Мясницкая, 22, подъезд 1А, 5 этаж (на лифте), офис 6.

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    Locked device

    Please how van you help me unlock my activation lock from my ipadI bought it 3 years now on second hand shop now there are requesting the owner to remove the icloud account please help me
    Hello. We read you letter. Sorry, but we cant help you with this problem, because only apple can remove icloud on device(without password).

    Got a broken iPhone and need some serious Apple iPhone repairs? Well we have the most experienced iPhone techno freaks in the business, so contact us and give us your iPhone horror story and we will see what we can do.

    We can repair iPod, iPad, Mac, MacBook.

    Main Service Center - Repairing Apple devices, phones, notebooks, cameras, etc.

    Modern people can not imagine their life without a good smartphone or a powerful laptop. The devices of the Apple brand are considered to be ones of the best, so many users prefer them. But even incredibly reliable and high-quality iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, iPods and Apple Watches need regular maintenance and sometimes a repair.Our Apple Service Repair Moscow Service Center offers an excellent Apple Fix service, thanks to which your Apple Gadgets will always work as brand new.Refurbished Apple devices are tested on special stands, which makes it possible to provide perfect performance.All types of Apple Repair of any model of iPhones, MacBooks, and so on are our specialties at Apple Service Repair Moscow. If you are experiencing any technical problems, mechanical damage, or software failure – all these problems can be solved just by coming to our Apple Fix Center.

    The advantages of our Apple Service Repair Moscow center

    • Promptness of Apple Fix Service and high qualityThe absolute majority of repair operations can be performed immediately in the presence of the customer. As a rule, you can have your fully functioning Apple device back just in 30-40 minutes.The customer can personally oversee the restorative maintenance, or relax in a perfectly appointed room.The Apple Service Repair Moscow Center uses only top quality replacement parts and issues a guarantee on all pieces of work.

    • The security of all dataThe information that is stored with the iPhones, laptops, etc is often more valuable for its owner than the gadget itself. Therefore, in order to ensure the integrity of these data, our iPhone Repair Moscow Centre provides a backup for any data (phonebooks, photo albums, daily planners and any other documents).

    • Friendly pricesBefore making any repairs we will inspect your gadget and name the price for it. In addition, our expert will advise what would be better: to repair the gadget or to buy a brand new device.

    • Impeccable accuracyThe purpose of our work is to provide high-quality Apple Fix service and to satisfy our customers by all means. Therefore in orders to perform repairs and diagnostics, we use only the newest equipment, high quality expandable materials and consumables.

    • We are always on callOur technicians are working without breaks and without days off. Apple Service Repair Moscow is ready to come to your rescue your Apple device and breathe life into low-performing gadget at any moment you need it.

    High-quality iPhone Service Repair in Moscow

    High-quality iPhone Fix requires great skill and large experience. Our iPhone Service Repair Center carries out repairs on a high professional level, quickly and efficiently. The specialists of our iPhone Repair Moscow Center can almost instantly eliminate not only the damage caused by intense or improper operation, but even a manufacturing defect.

    The iPhone Repair Moscow Center always provides a good service for our customers:

    • detailed diagnostic procedures;
    • implementation of hardware testing;
    • urgent repairs.iPhone Service Repair specialists give a guarantee for all performed works.

    The iPhone Fix Center services to all the most popular models of the iPhones:

    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • iPhone 6s Plus
    • iPhone 6 Plus
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 5 / 5с / 5s.

    iMac Repair Moscow: MacBook fix and iMac fix

    All the Apple laptops and iMacs offer an extremely high level of reliability. Manufacturing defects in them are extremely rare, so the problems usually arise only in the process of operation under excessively harsh conditions. One of the main reasons that can cause problems is the voltage variations.These devices are so complex that even a replacement of small parts requires the highest qualification of the iMac Repair specialists. In our Mac Repair center, these procedures are performed by our skilled craftsmen using high-tech equipment specially designed for MacBook fix and iMac fix.As our iMac Repair Moscow Service center uses only original parts that are constantly available in our warehouse, we provide not only excellent quality of MacBook fix and iMac repair, but also the maximum speed of its implementation.

    iPad Repair Moscow - high-quality Service for your iPads and iPods

    We carry out all types of repair and iPad fix with maximum efficiency and with guarantee. iPads have larger dimensions than phones, and they have to work in the same hard conditions, so they often become victims of various accidents. The most common troubles are: a fall from a height onto a hard surface; penetration of liquids and garbage. But whatever troubles may happen to your tablets, just bring them to our Apple Repair Service Center and we will restore their health in a matter of minutes.The first step is a detailed diagnosis, which allows to accurately determine the cost of the repair and its reasonability.Solving most problems takes only a few hours. The Apple Fix Center is fully equipped with all details and parts, so the personnel starts repair activities without any delay.Prices for carrying out even large-scale repair work are low, so in almost all cases it is much more profitable to fix the injured device than to buy a brand new one.

    The Apple Service Repair Moscow Center carries out all types of repairs

    Every Apple gadget is a high technological device, and when it is used too intensively or with negligence, there may be some problems. But this should not spoil your mood, as in our Apple Repair Service Center you can always get the following services:

    • replacement of broken glass;
    • replacement of a faulty touch screen;
    • replacement of the battery;
    • replacement of any connector;
    • repair or replacement of buttons and keyboards;
    • elimination of the liquid ingress damage;
    • cleaning the unit from dust and other contaminants;
    • the restoration or replacing of chips, circuit boards;
    • replacement of speakers and microphones;
    • camera replacement;
    • software configuration;
    • removal of viruses.

    Optimization for maximum operation speed

    Outdated software, and various viruses, which your electronic device may face at any moment, can significantly slow down your speed and cause other inconveniences. In severe cases iPhone, MacBook etc may be unable to turn on. But there are no reasons for panic. Contact our Apple Service Repair Moscow Centre, and you will always have the most powerful protection against viruses, the most timely software, and the most skilful experts at your service.

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